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How states of transition preempt true transformation; the role of VR and XR in shaping real reality

Last week I experienced probably one of the greatest exhibits in my adult life. Titled “Liminality”, the NYC-based Musem of Future Experiences (MoFE) puts a dreamlike spin to immersive entertainment. It was almost like a 70-minute meditation, guided by sensory storytelling and supercharged sound systems.

Unfailingly, August always seems to be a month of marination and reflection for me. Attending Liminality was likely the last puzzle piece I needed before fully embracing new unknowns and fresh ambiguities. A forcing function for change. …

How increasing memeability in crypto is critical to boost credibility and viability

Illuminating the future: one joke and one coin at a time

Last time I wrote a piece about formalizing the practice of play — how playfulness mixes with mindfulness to form a modern-day cocktail of wellness practices. To my pleasant surprise, a whimsical white paper on a new crypto concept dropped in early June titled “LAMP”. Naturally, my brain saw this as a sign to fall face-first into the deep depths of crypto. But since there are more than enough commentaries that highlight the technical utility of common coins, I want to deploy a comedy-first lens as an unusual, yet viable way to navigate this murky environment.

In this makeshift teardown…

Why being childlike is one of the most mature choices you can make

Time machine to Sam circa 2002: a keen affinity to playful poses

From the clickety-clack of a Lego tower snapping perfectly into place, to the fresh evergreen scent of scaling Vancouver cedar trees, play has been a formative part of my personality and self-concept. Through my days of random frolicking in sandboxes and seesaws, I’ve realized that adopting play into all aspects of life is a happiness hack. Even today, my commitment to the art of improv comedy grounds me in feelings of openness, spontaneity, and joy against a busy backdrop of business life.

While my own lived experiences are not exclusive, the concept of play falls out of fashion as we…

My improv-inspired mental models for product management, start-ups, and life

Improv pals joined together by a love of wit and wordplay

I often get asked about my improv background during icebreakers, one-on-ones, and interviews. It’s not a common hobby among business and tech folks in my immediate environment — I tend to gloss over the details to avoid unleashing an unsolicited technical comedy meta-analysis. If I sense continued curiosity, I point to my favourite metaphors curated from my past instructors and domain experts:

Improv is group mindfulness. Improv is yoga for your social skills. Improv is practice in being a better human being.

A continuous stream of high-fidelity conversations sparked my willingness to bring these airy-fairy claims to life. At the…

Why getting good at self-discovery (inner work) is a secret superpower

Psychotherapy is built on a promise: you bring your suffering to this private place and I work with you to keep you safe and help you heal” — Todd Essig, PhD

Keeping you safe and helping you heal. This quote calls out an important tenet of traditional therapy: bottle up your suffering and release it in a detached universe away from the pains of regular reality. Although there is increasing acceptance and adoption of psychotherapy solutions, many remain skeptical. After all, why invest in a cost- and time-intensive service where the output is largely driven by yourself?

To make matters…

Finding solace in just breathing and letting go.

As the public health crisis rages on with lockdown loops and mutating virus strains causing a standstill, few are talking about a potentially more wicked problem at hand: an echo pandemic quietly terrorizing our mental health. We’re presented with a balancing act of maintaining both our physical and mental wellness — a true herculean feat for many. What solutions exist that will help us achieve this equilibrium and stay holistically healthy?

This memoir aims to instill a sense of hope to tackle this pressing question. I will map my early experience with…

The rapid and rigorous journey of dancing with deep data and learning the tech tango, thanks to the Skillful community!

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How do you conquer the proverbial chicken-and-egg problem of breaking into top technology companies who already expect extensive experience, especially with a non-traditional background?

This was the central question on my mind as the constant flurry of shiny strategy & ops job descriptions, buzzing articles about the fast-paced nature of BizOps, and high-profile IPOs permeated through my newsletter subscriptions and social feeds. Common answers to this brain buster might sound something like: “just learn on the side!” or “build your…

Sam Wong

Aspiring product manager, armchair philosopher, and avid improv comedian.

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